Playlist – Adventurers heading into the unknown

Finding out about others’ adventures can inspire us to step into the unknown ourselves. The idea of new possibilities and things to be discovered can encourage us to take risks, and find out what we are capable of achieving.  We have created an Adventurers heading into the unknown playlist featuring five guests who have all done so in different ways, so listen in to find out what they learned in doing so.

11. Deb Downing and Dennis Borner decided to embark on a sailing adventure. In 1999 they sold their home, all their furniture and began a voyage, that in the end lasted twelve years.  Find out how they adapted to living onboard a 49 foot ketch rig, and discovering new cultures and countries along the way.

09. John-David F. Bartoe is an astronaut who has travelled over 2.8 million miles in space. As former Research Manager of the International Space Station, and solar physicist, he reflects on what it’s like to gaze down at the earth from space, and what his predictions are for the future of space travel.

23. Paul Rose has had a lifetime of adventure both under the sea, and in some of the most extreme environments in the world.  He was Base Commander at Rothera Research Station in Antarctica for ten years, and is one of the world’s most experienced divers.  Paul explains how being useful is a most important skill to have when exploring the unknown.

06. Riaan Manser is an adventurer who was the first person to circumnavigate Africa by bicycle, and has also circumnavigated Madagascar, as well as Iceland by kayak. He believes that he some of his greatest life lessons have been as a result of his expedition experiences including not being afraid to embark on journeys that may take years.

05. Celia Garland created a career by just following her passions. As a child with a love for art and the outdoor world, she was encouraged to learn by experience, which included hiking the Appalachian Trail with her family.  More recently she managed to combine her passions into her work, as a glassblower, and naturalist onboard a cruise ship.  Celia explains how following her instincts helped to create a career she loves.

Total listening time – 1 hour 46 mins