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Access to Inspiration podcast

Our podcast has as social mission.

To encourage you to reflect on the world differently. On how we can all inspire one another.

Interviews with people from more than 20 countries who are authentic, purposeful and are making an impact. 

Latest Episodes

Preview of Series 11 on health and wellbeing

Sue Stockdale previews some of the guests in Series 11 which will focus on various aspects of health and wellbeing, including physical, mental, and social connectedness. Upcoming guests include: Abigail...

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79. Dailyn Matthews: Stuntwoman and adventure photographer

Adventure and action are commonplace for this week’s podcast guest, Dailyn Matthews, a stunt woman and adventure photographer. She explains to host, Sue Stockdale about the mindset and degree...

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78. Manny L: Being a corporate exec and entrepreneur

Sue Stockdale talks to Manny L, a health food entrepreneur, senior leader at a Fortune 500 company and an advisory board member of a process improvement think tank. Manny...

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Featured Guests

59 Dan McClure

‘The thing to remember is that complexity is not chaos.’

72 - Paul Zak

‘Immersion is a neurologic state in which people have extraordinary experiences.’

75 - Adeyanju Olomola

‘Imposter syndrome is a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents and accomplishments.’

Dr Leanne Armitage

‘We have only got a finite amount of time and a finite amount of energy in the day.’ 

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