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Access to Inspiration podcast

Our podcast has as social mission.

To encourage you to reflect on the world differently. On how we can all inspire one another.

Interviews with people from more than 20 countries who are authentic, purposeful and are making an impact. 

Latest Episodes

113. Elise Wortley: Finding inspiration in nature

In this episode, Elise Wortley joins Sue Stockdale to discuss her adventure in the Canadian wilderness for the Channel 4 TV show “Alone”. She shares her experience being dropped...

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112. Bettina Ovgaard: The wonder of Greenland

In this episode of the Access to Inspiration podcast, host Sue Stockdale interviews Bettina Ovgaard, a versatile professional who has pursued a career by following her curiosity. Bettina shares...

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111. Paulo Savaget: Unlocking potential where others see scarcity

Have you ever come up against rules, procedures, or obstacles that make it incredibly difficult to create change? This week’s guest shares some brilliant examples of organisations that have...

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110. Dr. Poornima Luthra: Demonstrating active allyship

In episode 110 of the Access to Inspiration podcast, host Sue Stockdale interviews Dr Poornima Luthra, an associate professor at Copenhagen Business School. They explore the concept of active...

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Featured Guests

106 Bertand Piccard

‘I wanted to identify in the world all the efficient solutions that are economically profitable to be able to protect the environment’.

Nauja Bianco

‘Only 57,000 people live on the island’.

Paul Rose

‘I do well in flat open spaces, or underwater, or featureless environments.’

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