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Access to Inspiration podcast

Our podcast has as social mission.

To encourage you to reflect on the world differently. On how we can all inspire one another.

Interviews with people from more than 20 countries who are authentic, purposeful and are making an impact. 

Latest Episodes

88. Nic Parmaksizian: How to create an environment that encourages innovation

Nic Parmaksizian talks to Sue Stockdale about his role as Global CEO of Designit and why he is passionate about creativity and innovation.  He outlines how leaders can create...

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87. Dr. Sarah Gilchrist: Managing your sleep

Sue Stockdale talks to Dr. Sarah Gilchrist about the subject of sleep.  With over 60% of the British population reporting that they have poor sleep quality, and an estimated...

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86. Tyrone Mathurin: Driven to succeed

Tyrone Mathurin talks to host Sue Stockdale about being a racing driver in Team BRIT, which aims to become the first ever all-disabled team to race in the Le...

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Featured Guests


 ‘Its not a job – its a lifestyle.’


‘We are at a time in history when we should use our resources wisely.’

Josh Wasserman

‘Observation is vital to my line of work.’

Vicki Tough Photo: Andrew Walmsley/Alamy Live News

‘Everything takes ten times longer and you need to prepare before you start out.’ 

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