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Access to Inspiration podcast

A podcast with a social mission.

Igniting new possibilities through inspirational stories.

Interviews with guests from over 30 countries ranging from
an athlete, artist and astronaut to a scientist, stuntwoman and singer.

Subjects range from leadership and exploring the unknown, to changing careers, personal growth and making an impact.

Listen to any episode and be inspired!

Latest Episodes

120. Robert Thirsk: From medicine to Mars – Insights from over 200 days in space

119. Reanne Olivier: Empowering African Youth

118. Kate Leeming: From Africa to Australia: Exploring the world by bicycle

Featured Guests

110- Poornima Luthra

Fear is a topic that we really need to put on the table. 

Screenshot 2019-04-03 at 14.40.11 - Gary Fildes

Astronomy is the source of everything, the foundation of our understanding of the universe.

87 - Sarah Gilchrist

Throughout women’s life cycle, sleep is affected, so its normal.

72 - Paul Zak

Your brain is a super lazy organ because it takes so much energy to run.

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